Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Job at Local Hits Media

It's been a month now in my new role as general manager of an internet advertising company called Local Hits Media.  The company assists small businesses to list their business's on the Local Search Directories of large search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live.   The company is now focused on outgoing and ingoing campaigns to try to sign up as many small businesses as possible.

The recession has taken its toll on small businesses.  Everyone is concerned about what is happening with the economy.  Every advertising dollar is being reviewed.  It doesn't matter what industry or geographic region everyone is feeling the pain and there is general concern that things will be getting worse.  Even with this pessmistic feeling, people are still interested in exploring ways to get the word out about their business and increase their online visibility.

I hope to post more stories about my experiences at Local Hits Media over the next couple of months. 

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